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Tech Tribe

Technology badges are a way to personalize your professional development options with your students in mind. Technology use in the classroom should always be driven by the content, and technology badges are simply a tool to help this relationship grow stronger. In addition, technology badges will encourage teachers to become lifelong learners as they incorporate technology into their classrooms to benefit their students. Individual teachers and campuses will be rewarded with prizes at intermittent times throughout the school year based on the number of badges earned.

How to Earn a Badge

  1. Done! Congrats! You've made it to our badging site.

  2. Decide what badge you would like to earn based on content.

  3. Click on the self-paced mini-lesson to view information, videos, and examples of how that tech tool can be used in your classroom.

  4. Implement the tech tool in your classroom.

  5. Fill out the Badge Request form.

  6. Proudly display your badge on your poster outside of your classroom.

Want to suggest a badge to be added? Click here!

It's not really about the badges; it's about what happens with your students.

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