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Assessment Badges

Assess your students and add an element of gamification to your classroom at the same time. Kahoot is an assessment tool and game show all in one.

Nearpod is an interactive presentation tool that allows the teacher to control the pace of a lesson while keeping students fully engaged. Activities such as polls, assessments, drawings, collaboration boards, etc. can be added, and results can be shared in real-time.

Kahoot Jumble.png

Kahoot Jumble is a new game created by the well-known assessment tool, Kahoot. In Kahoot Jumble, instead of selecting a correct answer, students have to put answer choices in order!

Not enough devices in your classroom? Use the Plickers app and printable response cards for your students. Students hold up the card to give their response and the teacher uses their device's camera to record the responses.

Quizlet is a mobile and web-based study application for students that can be used inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can set up a series of vocabulary flashcards for students to review through various games and activities, or students can go head-to-head competition style using Quizlet Live. Students can even create their own flashcard sets for personal review.


Kaizena is an add-on for Google Docs that allows you to give personalized voice feedback to your students on the work they turn in electronically.

Quizizz is a fun multi-player classroom activity that allows all of your students to practice together. It gives instant feedback and works on all devices with a browser, including Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

Pear Deck is an interactive tool that converts your Google Slides deck into an interactive presentation. Students can answer multiple choice questions, vote, give feedback, or be assessed in the middle of the presentation, and educators can view immediate feedback. Click on the link below for a short tutorial and to sign-up for free premium access.


Socrative is a cloud-based student response system. It allows teachers to create simple quizzes that students can take quickly on laptops – or, more often, via classroom tablet computers or their own smartphones.

Alien Arena.png

Alien Arena allows students to compete in teams and play games while teachers see real-time data on performance using this feature in Education Galaxy.

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